Negros is rich in arts and culture. We are lucky again to have Mr. Ver Pacete for the second time to  introduce and discuss more. According to him Negros…

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Negros Occidental.

How happy I was when I read my name on the list of those who will be attending the Campblog 1C batch in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. It’s a great honor to belong to the line of bloggers. It’s a big dream of mine to make blogs to help people seeking answers.

And here at last! Together with my three co-teachers, we left Odiongan, Romblon on May 29 at around 2:00 a.m. bound to Dumaguit, Aklan. It’s a long trip to reach Talisay City. First, from Dumaguit, we took a tricycle to Kalibo bus terminal going to Iloilo. Then we reached Bacolod via Supercat. From Bacolod, we rode a taxi to our venue – Nature’s Village Resort – where the training will be conducted.

Nature’s Village Resort is a place of natural beauty, inside and out. Smiling employees add more to its grandeur like the delicious delicacies they serve everyday.

Heritage Tour

I was so excited to know that we’ll be having a tour around Negros. I felt that I could not  wait any longer to experience what I saw on TV about its culture.

On June 4, the much-awaited time came. We left Nature’s Village Resort at 8:00 a.m. to Balay Negrense in Silay City. While on the bus, the tour guide, Mr. Ver Pacete talked about Negros’ heritage and culture. Every inch of the road leading to Balay Negrense made me observe keenly. Everytime there’s a historic landmark, the bus would stop. Both sides of the road were planted to sugarcane, making the place so serene. Now I know why is called the Sugar Capital of the Philippines.

Balay Negrense

Upon descending from the bus, I was captivated by the structure of the two-storey house. When we entered, a female tour guide welcomed us. There, I felt as if I was living in Spanish era.

We explored Balay Negrense and we learned that everything, the house included has story to tell.

To complete my visit, I bought key chains as souvenir.

dining area

children's room


The Hofileña Heritage House

Our second destination was the house of the Hofileñas. Mr. Ramon Hofileña, the owner himself, helped us tour inside.

The Hofileña Heritage House, circa 1934, located at 14 Cinco de Noviembre St., Silay  City is the first  house to become a tourists attraction. It has been opened to the public since the 80s. It’s also the first one to be recognized by the National Historical Institute as  “national treasure for the present and the future generations.” Mr. Hofilena was the first one to preserve its vintage architecture, and since then he had been  successful in promoting the arts. His collection of paintings alone was reportedly more than 1,000 pieces.

Mr. Hofilena's Collections

Postcard souvenir

Our third destination was in Victorias City.  We visited a church which was named “Angry Christ” because of the mural that is predominantly red. Jesus could  be seen there on the altar with his hands stretched, surrounded by pictures of some biblical characters.

Before we could reach our next destination, we first bought some pastries at Merci’s Pasalubong Center in Bacolod.

The Ruins

While on tour, one trainer said, “H’wag kayong  masyadong mag-shot, reserve your batteries for the next destination.” While on the road, I saw the billboard: “This way to Ruins.” On the picture it looked like just an ordinary old building but it reminded me of  the Norman Ruins of Rievalaux Abbey of Northern England.

Even from afar, the structure of the Ruins could already be seen. Unfortunately, the bus could not  pass through to its narrow road. So we walked. As we drew nearer, the  high simborio took my breath away. It was so statuesque and so picturesque! The sugarcane field made the scene postcard pretty and more.

WOW!  It’s very wonderful! So perfect like paradise.

It’s 5:30 p.m. when we returned to Nature’s Village Resort. The journey was tiring   but satisfying. For sure, I won’t think twice if anybody would invite me to come  back.

Viva Negros!

Welcome to my place!

People of all ages, tourists, fellow Romblomanons and Odionganons, friends, and everyone, come and join me as I take you to a magnificent and wonderful place located in the heart of the Philippines, my native barangay Mayha.  It is nice to see and be familiar with. Here we go.

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